Gary McDowell

Gary McDowell is a fifth generation Yooper and a lifelong farmer. He lives in the town of Rudyard, MI in the Eastern U.P. with his wife Carrie and daughters Alivia, Emily and Rochelle.

Gary is a small business owner, farming over 1,000 acres of hay with his brothers’ Bob and Ron. He is also the treasurer of McDowell Hay, which brokers hay from the Eastern U.P. to markets across the country. Gary also worked as a United Parcel Service delivery driver for 23 years.

Gary is the oldest of ten children. Growing up, his father was a John Deere salesman and a hay broker. His mother was active in the community and raised Gary and his nine siblings.

Gary has always served his community. He was a volunteer firefighter and volunteer EMT for his township for a total of 18 years and he led the fight to setup the first 9-1-1 service in Chippewa County. Gary has served for over 20 years on the board of the War Memorial Hospital in Sault Ste. Marie, MI.

Gary has also served as a Chippewa County Commissioner and a State Representative.

Gary has built a reputation as a bi-partisan leader who has worked across the aisle to cut taxes for small businesses and the middle class.

In Lansing, Gary worked each year to pass balanced budgets while protecting Michigan jobs and ensuring that our seniors and most vulnerable had access to quality, affordable healthcare.

Gary has always been a defender of the Great Lakes. He worked to stop drilling on our lakes, stop the importation of Canadian trash and stop the bottling and selling of our water by corporations. He was the lead sponsor on a resolution to boycott Chicago in response to Illinois refusal to prevent the Asian Carp from entering Lake Michigan.

Gary will continue to work hard in Congress to bring good paying jobs back to Michigan, protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare, make sure our children and grandchildren can live in a debt free country by responsibly reducing the deficit, ensuring we remain competitive as a nation by supporting strong public education and protecting our vital investments for our economy that create jobs here.

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