Gary McDowell Reports Raising $400,000


Gary McDowell Reports Raising $400,000 in his Race to Represent Working People in Northern Michigan

More than 3,000 individual donors fuel Gary McDowell’s grassroots campaign

 Rudyard, MI – Gary McDowell reported raising $400,000 between July and September and currently has $600,000 cash on hand for his campaign to protect the middle class, Medicare and the Great Lakes.

McDowell’s fundraising success comes on the heels of four recent polls that show McDowell leading Congressman Benishek with major news organizations ranking this race as lean-Democrat.

Congressman Benishek was also rated as the 5th most vulnerable Republican according to Roll Call newspaper.

“I am honored by the outpouring of support for this campaign to fight for Michigan middle class families,” said Gary McDowell. “Grassroots supporters from Northern Michigan and across the state are sending a message that no one in Washington is paying attention to jobs and our economy, and it is time to send a regular working person and some common-sense to Washington.”

“No one in Washington is looking out for Northern Michigan. Some Democrats aren’t serious about cutting spending and it seems like Republicans don’t care about regular people who work for a living,” McDowell continued. “Congressman Benishek promised to protect Social Security and Medicare but one of the first votes he took was to end Medicare and to force seniors to negotiate with insurance companies.”




9-20-12 PPP: McDowell 44%, Benishek 42%

9-24-12 Garin Hart Yang Research: McDowell 49%, Benishek 40%

10-2-12 Practical Political Consultants (MIRS subscription): McDowell 51%, Benishek 48%

10-3-12 Benenson Strategy Group: McDowell 43%, Benishek 40%

Race Rankings

Rothenberg Report:       Tilt Democrat

Sabato’s Crystal Ball:       Lean Democrat

Congressman Benishek 5th most Vulnerable Republican

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